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How it Works

Guests can review your hotel once they connect to WiFi

Once your guests are connected to WiFi, a welcome page appears with two options, login and register.

For registration, guests will be asked to fill in some basic information such as their full name, arrival date, speaking language, room number and the number of nights at the hotel.

Get real-time reviews from your guests

The review page displays a variety of simple questions related to hotel services. There is also an option for your guest to submit any comments or complaints about his stay.

In case of negative reviews, the responsible officer receives an email in order to reach the guest before his check out.

Promote your hotel offers and services through the advertising page

At this page advertising customized banners are shown, related to hotel offers. You have the opportunity to promote your services, while your guests are still in the hotel.

Guests may also visit your website, Facebook page or other social network.


Are you planning events or meetings in your hotel?

There is also solution for this. Visitors can use the “visitor’s access”, without logged in as “guest”.

Visitors can send comments and view ads.

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Multilingual Application
It supports a wide range of languages according to your needs

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