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Guestreview is a web application which is accessible through your hotel’s wifi. The main purpose of this app is to give the opportunity to hotel guests to review the hotel before they leave.

By reviewing the hotel in real-time, hoteliers can act on time to satisfy their guests in case of a complaint or a negative review. When a guest leave a negative review, the hotel manager is informed immediately.

Reviews and comments are not visible to others. They are visible only to administrators through backend administration system.

The questionnaire can easily be customized according to the needs of each hotel and modified at any time. In addition, Guestreview allow to hoteliers to view/export a wide range of reports, statistics and graphic charts based on what their guests answered for a given period.

What is Guestreview?


Additionally, using our app you can promote your services and offers to your guests so they are more informed.

The hotel can be reviewed by all guests regardless of their speaking language, since the application supports multiple languages.

GuestReview is designed according to the latest web standards and fully adjusted on any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

Hoteliers have the opportunity to lift their reputation and increase their profits by using Guestreview.

User Friendly

Customize your questionnaires

Fully Responsive Design

Reports & Statistics


Satisfy your guests and
achieve your greatest goals!

Why Use GuestReview?

1. Get reviews during the stay of your guests

2. Get notified for negative reviews in time and satisfy your guests before they leave

3. Avoid negative reviews in TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google+ etc

4. Promote services and hotel offers

5. Count easy the Impact of your promotions

6. Get reliable statistics based on your guests' reviews

7. Evaluate your staff effectiveness

8. Build your Database of Guests for future ad campaigns

9. Easy Access to WiFi for Guests with Single Point of login

10. Develops successful administrative strategies

How it works?


Guest checks in to Hotel


Guest connects to Hotel’s Wi-Fi


Register with basic fields for Wi-Fi Access


Guest after few hours...

Gets Hotel Advertisements


Gets Questionnaires for reviews

Backend Administration

Easy Configuration of your Questionnaire. Change them any time!

Real Time Notifications for Negative Reviews

Monitoring, Reports,
Graphs & Pie Charts

Why Choose Guest Review?

1. Developed by Experienced Staff

2. Based on Advanced Technologies

3. Supported by qualified people

4. Easy to use and friendly environment

5. Already tested and used in hotels

6. Easy installation

7. Project under Registered Information Systems Company

It's a web app, working on cloud!

No additional equipment required.
You need only your WiFi Hotspot Router*

*with the necessary specifications

Software as a Service

Based on yearly license fee.
Special Prices for Group of Hotels

Request Demo. Free Period of use.

Pay only if you would like to continue.
*ask for online / local presentation
+357 24251500
+357 96477140
Nikodemou Mylona 28, Office 0303, Sunorama House, Larnaca 6050, Cyprus

Guest Review. Instant Interaction.

Advanced Tool for Hotels.

Project by
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